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How to Install a backyard rink Liner and Fill It

After building your backyard rink it’s time to install the liner. You don’t want to rush this process though as having your liner in too early can cause some problems (debris build up, and tears that cause leaks)

When to install your liner and how to fill it

  • When the weather will be consistently below 0 Celsius (32 Fahrenheit) for 5 days
  • Have a way to fill it set up (either by hose or water delivery truck)
  • Fill it all at once so it freezes all at once
  • You need 4 inches of ice to skate on, so no need to fill your rink right to the top

How to Install your Liner

In this video we show how to install a liner. Our setup is from NiceRink. We also show the lights and bench that Eric built for his backyard rink, and give you some tips on filling your liner.

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Coach Jeremy