New Extreme Passing Kit Review

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by Jeremy Rupke on November 10, 2013

HockeyShot has released a new Extreme Passing Kit (shooting pad and pass rebounder combined) that has been redesigned and improved to help hockey players work on their shooting, passing, stickhandling and one-timers at home. The Extreme Passing Kit will help you improve almost every hockey skill except for skating. In this article and video I give you a close-up look at the passing kit and test it out.

Close-Up Look at the Extreme Passing Kit

What you get with the Extreme Passing Kit


  • 4 foot by 8.5 foot roll-up shooting pad
    • Lots of room for stickhandling
    • Nice and slick, pucks slide well
  • The Extreme Passer
    • Wide design for more area to pass into
    • Bungee cord rebounds pucks better than elastic band models
    • Heavy duty plastic makes it durable
    • Big clamps allows you to clamp it onto a shooting pad, plywood, or shooting tiles

Testing the Extreme Passing Kit

Overall thoughts for each skillhockeyshot=passing-kit