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New Extreme Passing Kit Review

HockeyShot has released a new Extreme Passing Kit (shooting pad and pass rebounder combined) that has been redesigned and improved to help hockey players work on their shooting, passing, stickhandling and one-timers at home. The Extreme Passing Kit will help you improve almost every hockey skill except for skating. In this article and video I give you a close-up look at the passing kit and test it out.

Close-Up Look at the Extreme Passing Kit

What you get with the Extreme Passing Kit


  • 4 foot by 8.5 foot roll-up shooting pad
    • Lots of room for stickhandling
    • Nice and slick, pucks slide well
  • The Extreme Passer
    • Wide design for more area to pass into
    • Bungee cord rebounds pucks better than elastic band models
    • Heavy duty plastic makes it durable
    • Big clamps allows you to clamp it onto a shooting pad, plywood, or shooting tiles

Testing the Extreme Passing Kit

Overall thoughts for each skillhockeyshot=passing-kit

  • Stickhandling
    • The shooting pad is a good size and very slick. It has more than enough room to work on all kinds of different. Pucks slide great, as does the Green Biscuit and other training pucks
  • Passing
    • Passing is a lot of fun as long as you keep challenging yourself. If you pass the puck really hard into the rebounder the entire shooting pad will shift a little bit, but it’s not really a problem. There are a few ways to easily fix that problem like putting the pad against a wall. You can also clip the entire pad onto a sheet of plywood or just the passer onto the HockeyShot training tiles
  • One-Timer / Shooting
    • I really like the Extreme Passing Kit for shooting, I find it helps players work on skills and techniques that they normally do not have the chance to really focus on. For the most part the shooting feels very natural, however the odd shooting situation can feel a bit awkward. Personally I think it’s good to push yourself and become comfortable in those awkward situations because then you will always be able to get a good shot on net during games.

Is it worth buying?

Absolutely, I think it’s great. It currently sells for $169.95 or $159.95 if you use the coupon code below. If you want to work on your skills at home it will help A LOT to have something like this!

If you are going to buy one training aid to use at home, make it this one. You can work on stickhandling, shooting, advanced shooting, and passing all in one spot.

Where to Buy

This is a HockeyShot product so you can only get it at You can find it here, use our coupon code HOWHCKY001 to save $10


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