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Proformance Hockey Wax Review

Taping your hockey stick is a regular job for every hockey player. For most players taping the stick is somewhat of a ritual, they do it so many times that they develop different techniques, habits and beliefs of the way they like their tape job. There are many ways to tape a hockey stick, and for quite a few players the process does not stop at taping the stick. After taping a stick you can apply wax to your tape.

Why do Hockey Players Wax their Stick?

hockey-waxThere are a few different reasons to wax your stick after taping it. Some of the benefits include

  • Added tackiness and grip for better control of the puck
  • Added grip for better spin on the puck and a better shot
  • Softer feel for receiving passes and puck control
  • Stop snow from accumulating on the tape
  • Keep the tape from getting wet

What are some downsides to wax?

From my experience with wax I have not noticed enough of a difference in control or performance for me to bother using it. With regular wax I find snow will still accumulate and after a few periods of hockey the wax seems to freeze up and get hard and then feels the same as snow on the blade. This is just my personal opinion as I have only tried wax a few times

Proformance Wax vs Regular Wax

Proformance wax is different from regular wax in a few ways. Proformance wax is specifically designed for hockey, which means it will remain tacky at cold temperatures. Many waxes will be tacky in warm temperatures, but will get hard and flake off when they get cold.

Proformance wax also involves a two part process. The first process involves applying a special base layer wax that will seal the tape and bond to it. The second step is customizing your feel by applying either ProControl wax (for a bit of extra grip) or MaxControl wax for maximum grip.

Quick Benefits of Proformance Wax

  • Stays tacky at cold temperatures
  • Two part process help wax bond to tape better
  • Base layer seals the tape to keep it from getting wet
  • Different waxes allows players to customize feel
  • A grip wax is also available to get some extra grip on the shaft

Where to Buy Proformance Wax

Currently Proformance is only available online, however it will be in stores soon. You can purchase it on this page on HockeyShot or through their website Proformance Wax

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