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Easton Stealth RS Hockey Stick Review

Easton sent Ken and I two Easton Stealth RS hockey sticks to review. We got them in the mail the other day and our first ice time is tonight. I thought I would give a sneak peak at the new Easton Stealth RS hockey stick.
If you are looking to buy one – I found the best price online so far is $249 visit this page for the best price
Jeremy’s Stick: Easton Stealth RS, Getzlaf curve, 85 Flex
Ken’s Stick:
Easton Stealth RS, Hall curve, 100 flex
We are going to use the sticks in a few games and then come back and update this review with more feedback.

First Impression

Right when I pulled it out of the box I liked it, the graphics are cool and stay true to the “stealth” theme. The black on black graphics are low-key which is how I like my sticks, but there is still the splash of yellow so the design isn’t too boring.
When I picked the stick up I immediately noticed how light is was I weighed it and it came out at 455 grams which is a full 40 grams lighter than the Winnell GX8 that we reviewed last year.
The shaft had the matte finish which I like much better than the sticky grip that some sticks have. The shape of the shaft feels great in the hand
Technologies worth mentioning
The big one here is the elliptical shape of the lower part of the shaft. The shaft near the blade is tapered which was designed to give shots more “pop”. The elliptical profile should increase the release of snapshots and wristshots and ensure that less energy is lost while shooting.
review of the easton stealth rs hockey stick

Easton Stealth RS Specs

  • Construction:
    • Kevlar® wrapped – For added durability
    • Compression molded – Using thinner layers of material Easton is able to use more layers, giving Easton shafts an unmatched responsiveness and allowing them to stay lively longer
    • High-end carbon fiber construction for an extremely light feel
  • Shaft:
    • TORX™ technology with Elliptical Profile™ – Improved torsional strength for better puck feel and shot accuracy
    • Tuned taper section built with Easton’s Elite Stiffness Profile to pro specs – Offers quick shot release and controlled puck reaction
  • Geometry: Pro inspired shaft dimensions
  • Straight side walls, and rounded corners
  • Shaft dimensions used by most Easton Pro players
  • Grip: Smooth matte finish stick coating
  • Blade:
    • Multi-Core design provides dampening
    • Upper core – Structural honeycomb like material for excellent dampening
    • Lower core – Solid core for improved feel
      • Solid dense lower core keeps the blade in contact with the puck longer resulting great puck control and feel

Easton Stealth RS Video Review

Have you used the Easton Stealth RS? Got a favorite hockey stick? Tell us about it in the comments below.
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Coach Jeremy