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Hockey Shot Target Review

I’m a firm believer in having targets in the net when you’re practicing your shot. It doesn’t make sense to just shoot at an open net, if you’re working on your power you might as well have some targets in the net as well and improve your accuracy at the same time.

It’s been proven in studies that shooting with targets will dramatically increase your accuracy. Simply having a target will train your brain to locate a target, attempt to hit it, and make any corrections if the target is missed. Not only are you training your brain, but you are also training your muscles. So if you don’t have a target, get some!

HockeyShot Target Review

If you want a pair you can buy them here on

Why I love these targets

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to transport
  • Simple and effective

Of all the targets I’ve used, these are the ones I keep in my coaching bag and hockey bag. Whenever a goalie doesn’t show I pop these in the net, and I use them at home as well. Definitely recommend them!


Coach Jeremy